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Email Hosting

Email has become one of the most widely used communication methods in not only our personal lives, but in the corporate world as well. It can be easily accessed anytime and anywhere and is essential for passing along important information when we are unable to connect with others over the phone or in person.

Businesses, especially, continue to use email networks to collaborate over documents, schedule meetings, touch base with clients, and keep employees in the loop on important company news. With this in mind, it is essential to select the most efficient email hosting provider to act as the company’s virtual post office.

Many businesses outsource their email in order to obtain more services such as custom email addresses, virus protection, storage, as well as to avoid server maintenance issues and costs. However, when selecting an email outsource provider, it is best to avoid the attractive free services and utilize a paid host. Unlike the free host providers, paid email hosts are able to provide extensive services such as:

  • Tighter security: With business communications relying so heavily on email, you most certainly do not want information being leaked out to unscrupulous parties. Using a free email service puts your business at risk for viruses and data breaches since these companies do not have the resources to fully protect their servers.
  • Ad and spam prevention: Free mail sites are notorious for spam which can easily disrupt your email. Imagine an employee going through their inbox and having to sift through spammed advertisements until they can reach their corporate emails. Additionally, the site incorporates paid advertising banners and other irrelevant notices throughout the system which can be quite disruptive.
  • Greater storage resources: Never worry about missed emails from a full inbox since space would never be an issue with a paid email host. The free hosts usually have limitations on how much email can be received and saved.
  • Technical support when you need it. Free email host providers usually have little to no support in case of technical issues and questions. With a paid email host, support is always there 24/7 for email delivery failures and other issues.

The email host provider is a direct reflection of your business. After all, no one wants to deal with a company who cannot efficiently receive and respond to emails on a timely basis.

Net Concepts By Calix offers a wide range of technology solutions that can increase profitability in your business.


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